Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hands-Free Cell Phone Driving Only - June 1st, 2011

The City Council now requires all motorists driving in Highland Park utilize their cellular devices in a hands-free mode only while operating a vehicle.

Please look at the City website to learn more.

Folks that are caught not using a cell phone Hands-Free..... will be ticketed.
I suggest not using your cell phone while driving at all. Wait until you pull over and park before using the phone. Studies have shown that any cell phone use while driving is dangerous.
Be safe......

A Call for Alternative Energy

Our Wind Energy ordinance passed allowing residents to install turbines on their homes and on large land parcels. While these are mostly untested winds of governmental regulation, we have to start somewhere. I have discussed running beta scenarios with our city manager to be sure we don't over regulate this promising technology.

If any of you are interested in installing wind turbines please shop for installers and contact our community development office at 847.432.0867 for details.
The City of Highland Park and other governments must lead by example. We have been collecting sustainability funds from our waste contracts to provide examples. I hope to have a wind turbine on a government facility by 2012 if not sooner..... Stay tuned!

June 2011 Roundup

Property Owners from our downtown came before the City Council to ask us to help facilitate code changes and administration procedures to help facilitate a more prosperous district. The Council responded that we should put this on a front burner and in short work get to decisions points. Staff had proposed a more process laden approach in which I heard the City Council reject.

Fencing on route 41 pedestrian overpass was again postponed because of lack of time. I am hoping that we can get this moving soon to install fencing to protect our bike riders and vehicles on 41.

We extended Karger lease agreement with Community Family Center for another year..... This gives them time to continue to raise money. Also, The Music Theater Company will be continuing their great performances at Karger during this transition. Please check out both these websites to support these great organizations.

Old Council rejected my request to use additional funding to repair more streets in town. I am hopeful the new City Council will authorize a one time use of funds for enhancement of our aging infrastructure. Our reserves are now over 40% and our fiscal policy requires 25%-33%. We will begin the budget process in July.

The threat of the State stealing our Local Government Distributive money is over for this year and I personally would like to thank Senator Garrett and Representative May for supporting our position.

Interviews for our seventh Council seat have gone well. We had 27 interested citizens of which one will be brought forward by our Mayor for final approval by the City Council. The vote and seating of our newest Councilman will be on June 27th.

Reflection on Memorial Day

I want to personally thank all those that have served us in our armed forces. For those brave citizens that have done so in support of our country and values, I have no greater respect. To sacrifice your life and future on this earth is a leap of faith in man and the ultimate commitment to our nation and people. G_d bless those soldiers that served us, made the ultimate sacrifice, and their families that will live with the loss.