Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last City Council Meeting

Last night was my last City Council meeting sitting as Mayor Pro Tem and Councilman for the City of Highland Park. I want to thank Mayor Nancy Rotering and my fellow Council members for all their kind words that they expressed and the friendship they have shared with me.

Sitting on the Council for my 20th year has been a great experience with many rewards. Having the support of the community and the citizens over the past 20 years and as recently expressed in my Lake County Board victory election, has been one of the finest gifts I have ever received.

I have always been impressed by the dedication and heart felt allegiance to our citizens by the four mayors and many Councilman I have served along side over the past two decades. I have learned and grown as a public servant understanding the methods that have achieved good outcomes for our community within our City Council Partnership.

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank my family, the citizens, and my fellow City Council members over my 5 terms for their support and contribution to making Highland Park a great community and putting a big smile on my face!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day

As I think of all the help and support we receive from fellow citizens, we must never forget the sacrifice and commitment of our Veterans that have put it all on the line for our freedom. Paying tribute to these soldiers is something I am grateful we do as well as consider their welfare off the battlefields when they come home.

The ability to go where we wish, say what we feel, and believe what we know should never be taken for granted. Our soldiers play a prominent role in preserving our life in this great country, I wish them all well, and thank them for their service.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Vote for Steve Mandel for County Board

If you haven't early voted, I am asking you to Vote for Steve Mandel for Lake County Board  Tuesday Nov. 6th. Most of you know who I am and the many things I have done during my years of public service on the City Council of Highland Park. If you need a refresher please go to my website at stevemandel.com and read through my blog entries dating back to 2006.

The main reasons I am asking you to vote for me is I wish to provide leadership countywide on:

   -Working for new models of collaborative governments to
     reduce the cost of government.
   -Getting a fair share of the county services in proportion to the
     tax dollars we pay.

   -Building environmental sustainability networked between
     our communities.

   -Enhancing government transparency and communications
     to our residents.

My years of experience with government finance, land use, communications, environmental initiatives, county government, human services, and direct connection to the residents have given me the tools to be successful as your Lake County Board Member. I will also continue to be the most accessible elected official by email or by phone (847.456.6933 cell / 847.831.0373hm).

Please Vote Tuesday November 6th and urge all your family and friends to do the same. Call them, Email them, and remind them that if we want to make a difference we need to elect leaders that care about us and will be responsive to our wishes, needs, and welfare. Please vote!
Thank you for your consideration,