Sunday, July 28, 2013

Quinn Costs Lake County residents 100's of thousands of dollars with the stroke of his pen

BIG UPDATE>>>  Governor, Now you have a chance to write the wrong since we received a temporary injunction to stop this bad legislation in its tracks. Please push for legislation to remedy this injustice to Lake County ASAP.... This is now again in your hands.. .. .. ..

Governor Quinn did cost Lake County residents a projected $700,000 plus by signing HB 2418 into law. HB2418 requires only Lake County to establish an election commission, an entirely new branch of government. There was No referendum, No Lake County resident discussions, No communication with our Lake County government officials, just a poke in the eye to our residents and our Lake County Clerk by a Renegade State Senator.

As a Lake County Board member and a fellow democrat I am stunned and disappointed at the 1950's politics still used down in Springfield by the so called "Power Brokers" and now condoned by Governor Quinn.

This injustice must not be ignored or allowed to stand. Fighting political bullies like these perpetrators is a must and I will not be silent until this wrong is righted. Stand with us and call your state representatives to protest.... Email or call me for more details.
UPDATE - We have filed suit to attempt to stop this HB2418 legislation from effecting our election process. Governor Quinn as responded that he was justified passing this legislation in total because it enabled Online registration... Would he feel the same about the legislation if they snuck in a law that enabled residents to wear six guns on their side?? Bottom line is this backroom, bullying type of politics that Quinn has endorsed must stop. Support Lake County and let legislators know you are not happy about bullying legislation that just targets Lake County and no one else!

Friday, July 05, 2013

70 MPH on the Tollway sounds good to me.

Traveling across the country in the auto is mostly boring these days and I don't do it too often. Having to slow down to 55, 60, or even 65 is even more grueling. Spending time in New Mexico the interstates are all 75 mph and it is great on making time on long road trips. All of these super highways and interstates are designed to accommodate 75 mph traffic safely.

I was very happy to see the legislature pass the 70 mph allowance in Illinois and am hopeful to see it on all interstates and our tri-state toll way system. While understanding that County's will have a chance to opt out, I don't think this will ever come up for a vote. . . . . .  But if it does, I will support the 70 mph speed limit.