Sunday, February 10, 2013

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Property Taxes Grow and Increases Stress

In 2013 there will be increased property taxes for schools (112 and 113), our city, and additional costs of water, sewer, and many other costs associated in living at my residence. How much more can you take before your savings are gone or at a minimum cause concern about the future security of your life.

While I have been in government for 20 years now beating the drum of new governance models that reduce costs, very little has been done to change the framework of current government models. This being said, I always support maintaining our buildings and assets that produce the services we require. Yes, we have reduced staff and now have several bare limbs(departments) on the tree (government), but it is time to plant a new smaller tree (government) that does not have bare limbs (departments) and does not grow to the size of past and current trees (governments).

While my wife Linda and I still have a small margin of funds to encumber increased costs of property taxes, many residents have exceeded those limits and many of us have immense stress added to our lives by increases in government costs. Also, the reality is I do not want to pay more! Actually, I want to pay less for the services I receive! I know there are many economically comfortable folks that have the dollars to pay more, but a large portion of the current population are on a reduced or fixed income and just can't take anymore. HOW WILL GOVERNMENT RESPOND?

The answer is reducing administration, consolidation, outsourcing, shared services, a contribution defined pension system, and a willingness of elected officials to spend the time needed to create a framework that changes governments,.......... AND the WILL to fight through the adversities that are coming to accommodate major change. At the County, I will continue to cultivate new governance models.