Monday, January 27, 2014

As the Temp Drops Anxiety Rises!

Highland Park, Lake County, TV stations, and politicians galore have developed a practice of notifications that warn us of snow events and low temperatures. Our weather people dramatically display events and warn us all to take cover and not leave home at least once a month.

I have chosen to not put up the warning flag every time it snows more than 4 inches or when the temp falls below zero. Is it just me that remembers 30+ inches of snow on the ground in winter and temperatures below zero for weeks? Am I that old?

Yes, the past decade has been pretty light on snow and cold but there is no need to panic! The world is not coming to an end and we need to turn down the level of anxiety drummed up by the media. The professional media and individuals on the web need to step back and let us enjoy the four seasons without panic and stress.

Yes, let people know where they can get help and let them know the resources we have as a normal practice but lets not keep sounding sirens every week. All will be fine and we will survive.

Here are Weather Resources available to you
Check Local Road Conditions and Traffic with Lake County PASSAGE
Take a moment to check for live, local traffic information and make your drive easier. You can view a map of road conditions and events, including crashes, stalls, debris, and other roadway incidents, and see camera images of major intersections across Lake County. You can also sign up for customized email alerts or listen to 1620 AM radio. I-Phone and Android users can also download PASSAGE apps. PASSAGE: 847-377-7000

Alert Lake County
Alert Lake County is your emergency preparedness resource. Find out how you and your family can be prepared for emergencies.
Sign up for Lake County Emergency Alerts on Twitter
National Weather Service
National Weather Service Warnings/Watches/Advisories (Chicago area)