Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reorganizing government requires Bold and Angry representatives

You need not look any further then ourselves to find solutions to problems we have with high taxation. The one report from Lake County staff demonstrated we could save 4.4 million from eliminating 18 township assessors. Coming on a year later no further action was taken and without booting the current leadership out of office I doubt any will be forthcoming. It is sad that the politics rule and simple common sense and the welfare of our communities suffer.

Current elected officials have a small stick (outside of providing momentum for large levy's) and like to speak softly so as to not create any attention or threats to themselves. Very few are willing to be bold and challenge the status quo of government operations. I myself have been put in jeopardy many times by fearlessly pushing issues that create angry responses and retribution, but what other way could I represent you in a way that promotes constructive change helping our citizenry.

With our high taxation and frustration with officials to deal with problems in Lake County and Illinois I urge all of you to participate in the upcoming elections to support candidates that are willing to be bold and make a difference. For those incumbents and candidates without opposition that seem comfortable in their positions and are looking to continue on our current trend, I would suggest you voice your expectation for change and greater efficiencies in government..... Or else!

While I have been on the Lake County Board for over three years requesting we provide aggressive leadership on these issues, only a lot of tongue wiggling has occurred without many positive results. Stay strong and let all your representatives know the pain you're feeling, demand results, or ask them to move out of the way of constructive progress for reform.