Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Lake County Forest Preserve District needs to PAY UP!

Over Ten Years After the promise was made, The LCFPD said they will not build the 18-26 million dollar Golf Course that was promised to Highland Park, Highwood, Lake Forest, and the town of Fort Sheridan (now the residents). After the partnership put up about 400 million to redevelop Fort Sheridan in honor to our soldiers, the LCFPD has seemingly defaulted on their promise.

It is simply not true for the LCFPD to say they got the land for free. The 250+ acres that was deeded to the LCFPD was part of the entire 400 million dollar Fort Sheridan redevelopment plan that was paid for in full by the residents of the Town of Fort Sheridan. These are the facts!

The LCFPD has no right to ask that the deed restriction for a golf course be removed without entering into a new agreement with the Fort Sheridan residents through their representatives. The City of Highland Park has taken a clear and correct position against a unilateral removal of the deed restriction because no other compensation has been offered or negotiated as compensation for the deeded land.

The LCFPD needs to work with us on a partnership renegotiation framework to identify compensation including stormwater management, an agreed preserve plan, and a maintenance commitment so there is no doubt who is responsible. The plan should include amenities that promote peace, enjoyment, and respect to the historic history of Fort Sheridan. The LCFPD should also negotiate a purchase of additional open lands to make good their dollar commitment they gave to us. Don't forget, they promised 18-26 million dollars to this project after we put up 400 million. Get real and make it right. Let us work together within the reality of the spirit this project was born and get it done without any more conflict.