Friday, November 11, 2016

President-Elect Trump Dump #1

Elected, to be sworn into office in January, this man Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States whether we like it or not. I can say on election night I was not just sick to my stomach but also heartbroken at the thought of his outrageous election rhetoric being melded into the boilerplate of our great country. President Obama and Secretary Clinton could not have been better leaders to us all with their remarks to this nation and to President-Elect Trump.

Giving President-Elect Trump a chance to succeed with constructive legislation and behavior is a posture I wish to embrace but am not betting on a positive result. He is currently off balance and has been transported to a place that will be light years away from any responsibility he has ever shouldered. What comes out on the other side of this transformation of responsibility is any ones guess.

I also want to thank our younger generation for taking to the streets and pushing the argument that we will not forget the words that were spoken and how offensive and hateful the pre-elected Trump performed. That Donald Trump can never represent our great land and only a metamorphosis into a rational and caring human being that embraces our constitution and core values will survive any length of time as our President. Not even the republican politicians will go down that post election road of hate, bigotry, and intolerance.

President-Elect Trump is a showman and seemingly a extraordinary marketer. I am hoping he can play the roll of a decent President we can all be comfortable with just as well as he played the roll of a perfect ass hole during the campaign.

While the climate and competition might have been perfect for a squeaky victory (Electoral College Count), garnering support as Trump represents our nation will require the substance and qualities that reflects the true spirit of this nation. There will be nowhere to hide or others to blame. While there have been a few Presidents that have gone through impeachment proceedings in my lifetime, President-Elect Trump will be a easy target if he fails to pull it together and does not respect our constitution and rule of law.

All that being said, I am hopeful he will center himself, reflect back on those NEW YORK values that many of his local neighbors cherish, and work with both sides of the isle to create a constructive agenda that will support our nation and citizens. Let G-d Bless this great country and its citizens.