Friday, August 22, 2008

Press Release- - YES Trees... NO Signs

I am very proud of my fellow Councilmembers whom have worked with me on this effort. With the leadership of Mayor Belsky You will see great strides on our sustainability programs ..... Stay Tuned!!!! We do not have a choice in protecting our environment if we want our children to have a bright future.

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Highland Park Has Been Named Tree City USA

Councilman Mandel, Brenner, and Kirsch Say Yes to the Environment by planting Trees Instead of Putting up Yard Signs.

Candidates to Eliminate Yard Signs and Plant Trees Instead

The Green Revolution has taken root in America and in no place more than our home town of Highland Park. The City Council has enacted model legislation to help preserve our environment. Ground breaking initiatives such as tree preservation and residential volume based waste hauling with free recycling have provided model legislation for municipalities across the nation.
It is with the spirit of positive leadership infused with the Green Revolution that the three declared candidates for Highland Park City Council are announcing today a voluntary ban on the use of lawn signs in elections. Furthermore, the three candidates, Steve Mandel, Mike Brenner and Jim Kirsch have pledged to use the funds, normally spent on yard signs in their campaigns, to funding the deployment of new trees throughout the City of Highland Park.

Yard signs require natural raw materials like petroleum, wood and steel and by eliminating their use we are conserving energy and preventing trees from being destroyed and turned into signs. Furthermore, the city will be beautified by eliminating yard signs from our campaign which create visual pollution.

It is our intent to lead by example and challenge others running for office to take this environmental step. We encourage all declared candidates in Highland Park to join us in this waste-not pro-environmental initiative. Our goal is to join forces with others who seek elected offices and achieve replacement of ugly political yard signs with a goal of planting as many new trees as possible, thus reducing waste and our carbon footprint within our community. The true success of this initiative is dependent on all candidates putting our local environment first and political interests second. Let’s set an example for our nation and again provide leading edge environmental leadership through our governmental process.