Monday, August 25, 2008

08 Election Choices

Please vote.....I am voting for Obama for President because we need a big change in the way this country does business. We cannot continue to unilaterally make decisions that effect the entire globe without reaching out to other nations to form a true consensus on international policy and action. Gun boat diplomacy will not work in this century and we are paying the price on many levels for the failed policies over the past eight years. A vote for Barack Obama is a slam dunk for me. This man will bring ourselves and our children's future hope. He has the vision, intelligence, temperament, and leadership abilities to provide the greatest opportunities for our nation. In my opinion this could be the most important vote of our lives.

Karen May for State Representative and Susan Garrett for Senator because they work hard for all of us, are accessible to the citizens, and vote with the citizens best interests in mind.

Lake County Forest Preserve District Referendum should be approved in my opinion because we need to stop over development in the county and save as much open space as we can afford. This vote does not increase taxes!!!!! It keeps the rate where it is and continues to use monies for purchasing lands and creating trails. The LCFPD has done a great job over the past several decades providing a great green corridor and the work is not done..... This will not cost any additional tax money and is well spent.