Sunday, August 09, 2015

Let's Bring People Together, Not Divide

Saying we should bring people together and not be dividers is a good objective and should result in positive warm cozy feelings. But that alone does not do a thing for creative and sensitive solutions for the problems we face today in our world. I love folks that go out and proclaim they will bring people together and unite us. For What? If the majority of government has old fashion ideas, what good does unification and good feelings help its citizenry. What unified solutions will they move forward? When I support citizens for public office, I expect strong constructive results that help facilitate a good life for my family and community. Considerations, good intentions, sweet talkin, and all the schmaltz in the world really does not mean a thing when it comes to creating good government. We must challenge the status quo to be successful.

The methodology and delivery of many of us out there in the political world has not been as smooth and gentle as we might hope. Working on reduction of inefficiencies and consolidating redundant operations that maintain the core services IS what I expect our representatives to focus on. The lack of participation on these efforts does cause frustration, anger, and strains the ideology of peace, love, and harmony. But when you are confronted with a posse of mediocrity one needs to shake it up, speak up, and cause a little pain or you're not doing your job.

I would suggest we all keep open minds and LISTEN to the substance of the discussion in politics and not as much on the delivery and appearance. While I know that political marketing, mob spin, the press, and our wonderful leaders have a tone and an specified bandwidth we should fall all within, breakout and rise above the noise to comprehend the Substance.