Sunday, August 23, 2015

This Presidental Race is Painful and Harmful

Listening to the anti-women rantings of republicans and the email Clinton saga really has me down on this Presidential election thing.

Really? In 2015 you can proclaim you're going to strip the rights of women and steer our nation towards the control of the fundamentalist religions and get elected? What happened to freedom of religion and thoughts?  I thought we were at war with ideology and rebels that dictated and dominated folks with their own religious values.

While this screaming level of rhetoric challenges our social tolerant values, the spill of this hate and motivated violence is seeping through the cracks of our social fabric, causing harm and polarity that could jeopardize us all. We must all be careful on personalizing our frustration and taking aim at select groups with our own view of justice.

There is a big difference of having a robust discussion of governance policy and those that take aim at their political villains, spouting evil doings and a harsh personal tone. I know these political debates about abortion, immigration, and governmental communication protocols are not meant to spur criminal and physical reaction throughout our public, but as frustration grows within supporters of these aggressive views, I would suggest violence becomes more rational to everyday citizens.

I am hoping we can turn down the personal attacks and accusations on fellow politicians and citizens. While there is much work to be done and many issues to resolve, we must always put civility first before we resort to violent speech or actions in support of our great nation. As we focus attentions on the intolerance, hate, and barbaric actions of foreign fundamentalists, we must not lose focus on the tone and actions within our country. One only has to look at world history to determine what could be our future.