Sunday, January 01, 2017

Potus-Elect Trump Dump # 3 Dumbing Down the US of A

Denial of Climate Change, Voodoo Economics, Allowing Pollution to flourish, and pushing back civil rights and liberties to darker times would all be dumb directives for this new administration to promote. If the executive branch wants to declare war on science, national values and humanity we hopefully have the legislative and Judicial branches to keep us alive and rational. Such an abuse of power can't be allowed to occur by Trump since the harm it can do could be catastrophic. Kind of Scary!

More and More we are seeing the bombastic Candidate Twisted Trump, now President Elect, being the shameful beast that many of us feared. While I was hoping that he would be more grounded in reality with his election, his demonstration of appointments and tweets are continueing on the same abusive and irrational pattern as The Candidate Twisted Donald Trump.

I will say there are some signs of hope but are still dwarfed by the actions and words that continue to be unreasonable and irrational. One can only hope that the power and weight of the office, once emerged within it, will overwhelm and truly grip a newly sworn in President. Maybe he will then start to weigh his words and actions to protect his nation and citizens. So there is hope and really until he is sworn in I will not brand him the Presidential disaster he has portrait himself as of this date.

While I was much more hopeful right after the election, stepping into the Presidential Shoes will even impact a Prima Donna like Trump with a tremendous BOLT. So Let us Pray, because at this point we have little other choice with Trump being our duly elected President.