Saturday, January 28, 2017

Diamond Tee Dump #1

I'm Done. All of Trumps stupid ill-advised promises to his alt right cronies are being delivered in spades. There will be no pivot, no thoughtfulness, no intelligence, no humanity and absolutely no refection of this nations great values that has drawn people to our nation for decades. My allegiance is to the United States of America and our Constitution, not Diamond Tee.

The Presidential position as I have known it is vacant and a tyrant is occupying the Whitehouse. Listening to the rants and tweets of this guy that is continuing to destroy the years of good will throughout the globe and across our nation is very disturbing. Diamond Tee's most recent action banning Muslims from coming to this country will undermine our connections to good honest Muslim allies across the globe and flame the fires of anti-American hated throughout the populous of the Muslim world. Trump is gutting the intelligence from our intelligence agencies that work through the Muslim networks in the Mideast. Trump could also cause great harm to our troops especially in IRAQ and around the globe. When Diamond Tee is done burning every bridge that past diplomats have built he will leave us with only military options to deal with problems we face internationally.

Whether it is women's issues, environmental abandonment, the stupid 15 billion dollar wall, immigration, a giant build up of our military, or attempting to create illegitimacy for our elected officials in our last election, Donald J Trump is catastrophic on so many levels I am absolutely stunned.

Solutions and resistance must immediately be put into play to keep us safe and rational over the next 4 years. The Congress and Judicial must immediately intercede to prevent Diamond Tee from doing substantial damage to our health, economics and safety. Failure to immediately act to either put him in his place or impeach him and fumigate that White house of this infestation will be devastating for us and looked at throughout the free world as a abomination.

If the Federal Congress will not step up to stop him them I would suggest the States of our Union stand up and resist in increasing strength that will be necessary to defeat him and his hateful and isolationist ideology. In any case States like California, New York, and Illinois should work together on strategies to disarm Diamond Tee and prevail on retaining all the great values this nation stands for.