Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Diamond Tee Dump #5 Hope was buried in Charlottesville.

My observations of Diamond Tee over the past seven Presidential months of his hate, bullying and crazy antics really have amplified my emotions from simple concern to terrifying reality and projections. His continued dog whistle message to the white supremacists, Nazis and just pissed off people has been comforting to their terrorist burn it down cause. And make no mistake that this man that just ran over that lady in Charlottesville is a TERRORIST. Not a Christian Terrorist or an Islamic Terrorist, Just a TERRORIST. Whether you blow up or run your car into a crowd in Paris, London, or Charlottesville it is a terrorist act.

There can be no tolerance for Nazis, the KKK, and all White Supremacists. They hate Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Immigrants, Gays, and strong women. They are fascists and support the elimination of people that are not like them. Yes, they want to kill us and exterminate our people. How Double Down Donnie can cuddle the White Supremacists and equate them with people protesting fascism and hate screams his madness. Diamond Tee should understand that a huge majority of Americans were represented within the protests against the White Supremacists, not just the liberal left. Most Conservatives as well do not tolerate hate and will oppose his disgraceful direction. I have never seen any President fan the flames of hate and continue to hammer in a wedge throughout this country like Trump. Republicans need to divorce themselves from these hateful people and need to unite with Democrats against Hate, Oppression, and the destruction of our values.

Trumps words this afternoon were shameful, disgusting, and should be condemned by every member of Congress. But besides the Democrats and a few republicans, they will continue to remain silent because of their deal with the hateful devils that have saturated the politics of our day. The bombardment of hate by Diamond Tee that is directed at Women, Hispanics, Gays, Immigrants, Muslims, Mexicans, Judges, and anybody that disagrees with him has boiled over his administrations walls and is creeping into our homes and communities.

He continues to redefine all things with bombastic definitions. Diamond Tee does not care what the majority of Americans think about his statements. After all he won the Presidency so the people that voted for him hold the full weight of his mission of hate. He did not hide his mission and beliefs prior to his election people! The blood and the degradation of our democracy and country values falls on his supporters heads and unfortunately ours as well. The least supporters that voted for him can do is speak out against his actions of hate and turn against Trump in a strong and assertive manner.

Any hope that Diamond Tee would come around and start to support our good values is dead and buried. Our only hope is to have him removed from office. His support of the angry far right neo Nazis and want to be Killers is clear and his dog whistle to them is now been heard by all. Resist, Fight, and lets overcome this moment and find ways to unite with positive and constructive agendas that will again bring peace and sanity to our nation. To ignore this any further without action could be catastrophic. #ItsBad