Monday, June 19, 2017

Diamond Tee Dump #4 Hate, Fate and Our Optimism

If we chose to allow our leaders to provide an immoral normal for our society we must become real about our future. Eventually, if we let them provide official judgement and punishment on this immoral basis all hell will break loose. This could be the basis for a violent revolution and out of control pain and suffering for us all. Most all of us agree and profess violence to overcome oppression, immoral actions, and direct aggression against us and humanity. As a matter of fact we use of our military to kill many around this earth combating immoral behavior against humanity across the globe.

Diamond Tee has spoke and drummed up hate for over two years directly in the mainstream eye. His rhetoric of "Lock her Up", statements of violent actions against protesters, threats against the judicial system, Muslims and Mexicans bellowed loud and far. Actions and words against women and constant bullying of any person or group that disagrees with his boasts demonstrates his intolerance and a virtual stance of Conflict First, Civility Last.

The Charleston church and the Orlando slayings, hateful rhetoric and actions against Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Mexicans and other minorities are on the rise since the 2016 presidential race. Diamond Tee can't continue to condemn folks by spewing out venom and not expect to see violent reactions from citizens that under a stable moral leadership live on the edge. For us not to continue to condemn this behavior as not Presidential and not American can't be demonstrated enough. All Americans are affected by these Presidential proclamations and they must stop.

Under the reality of our economic situation for middle and lower income families that are threatened with flat wages, evaporating pensions and benefits, we are all under a stress and need words and reality of hope and promise. With appointments of a right wing cabinet, dismantling of Obamacare, stripping dollars for programs for housing, education and our environment it is hard for centrists and liberals to see any hope. Yet with the President abandoning the position of our American Moral Compass, we must all stand in the vacuum and push for reasonable dialog and civility.

All the blood including our recent congressmen, staff, and police being shot by an enraged citizen demonstrates AGAIN the pain, suffering, and divide within this country. Bullets have been flying from all political sides.

We need to believe in truth, justice, freedom, and our ability to move forward and upward. Let us all provide optimism, hope, compassion and love to each over. Civility and persistence in pursuit of the right outcomes for our nation can overcome this malaise and depression. Work together, reach out, and reset towards a positive and less violent future. We do have another choice but it will be at a far greater expense.