Monday, September 25, 2017

Take a Knee in respect of our Flag

My immediate and current reaction to Diamond Tee's slamming of NFL players for taking a knee at during our Nation Anthem is clear. Double Down on Diamond Tee, Let all of us Take A KNEE.

You must understand that this vicious hateful man that sits in the White House has shown a morality that demands resistance and change. We need to get our country back and away from his extremists.

Our Flag and Anthem stands for our freedom, our right of rebellion, justice for all, equality, humanity and a nation where we should all be united under these values. That does not mean ONE voice tells us how to think, but rather many voices represented in a body promoting those great values.

Last year I was challenged by NFL members taking a knee during the Anthem since I took for granted the unquestioning observance to our flag and nation. But during the last year Diamond Tee has shaken everything within our nation including the positions, observances, and structures occupied. Diamond Tee has been so disrespectful of our national values demonstrated almost everyday by his tweets and actions. He jeopardizes our safety and economic interests internally and across the globe. He is a fool and there seems virtually no hope for him to change into a President I could respect.

NOW, we need to stand up for our nation, flag, soldiers, and future generations by resisting his attempts to turn us towards darkness and if it means taking a knee during the National Anthem then let it be! No one should be shy about standing up for our freedom and liberties in this country. We should also not take any words from Diamond Tee as our moral direction for he has proven his dysfunctionality and hateful spirit. This is one nation under g-d indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL. Stand up for our nation and what our fathers have fought and died for! Resist this man and his evil teachings and fight for the future of our nation.