Saturday, March 24, 2018

Top Reality Show just marches on with Diamond Tee

Noticed that I had not blogged for quite a while but I have not been silent. I have just been tweeting away instead with some 1350 tweets on the shelf. Diamond Tee has not surprised me in over a year and keeps our interest by his daily bombastic comments and actions which continue to rattle us to our core.

The "March for our Lives" is today and all I have to say to the kids is get out the vote if you want to create change. Its one thing to talk the walk and walk the walk for a few days, weeks or months, but one must speak through the ballot box to "Get Them Out" and the progressive smart people of our day IN.

As the hordes of women of porn, playboy and regular folks speak out about the sexual behavior of Diamond Tee while he was married, he continues to darken the white house administration by appointments of Fox-Like disciples that will surely create more havoc and chaos. But the way Diamond Tee keeps his ratings sky high is by constantly creating more chaos.

Seemingly, Tee has moments where he seems concerned and genuinely caring about the citizens of this nation but then the dark clouds of the fascist right republicans swoop in and his cold hearted hateful rhetoric, speech, and actions spew out with the semblance of a drunk bum throwing up its gluttony of self righteousness behind a dumpster in a retched grease covered alley. Yes, very disgusting and for some reason very hard not to watch.

What is going on with Republicans these days in turning their head to the monster that is pissing all over the morals and values of our nation. The Republican Party seems to be wholly owned by Diamond Tee and the far right haters. Why would moderates be any part of this group of fake information and supremacist bunch?? I just don't get it because this outrageous behavior by Tee far exceeds the tolerance of any decent human being. So again, why do people that I have had respect for and loved in the Republican Party accepting of this pig? The pitiful results can't justify the means of having to bow and show respect to this devil like creature named Donald J, Trump.

Diamond Tee is a liar, cheater, bully, hater, manipulator, racist and someone who could bring the United States of America to its knees. We need to regurgitate this beast and move toward a common sense dialog that can solve problems ASAP, not continue to threaten and polarize within and without.

Okay, done now..... Back to Twitter!