Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Diamond Tee Dump #2

I am embarrassed that Donald J. Trump is our President of the United States. With his lying, bullying, threatening and empowering a cast of destructive disrupters I am dumfounded that every citizen isn't screaming for impeachment.

There will be no change or normalization from Double Down Trump in the future. The only remedy will be impeachment and conviction by the United States Congress which at this point seems light years away.

Let us not fool ourselves here people, Diamond Tee has a Large Cleaver in his hand and his chopping at our civil rights and the humanity of our nation. Up to this point this assault is going virtually unchallenged by the Republican establishment. I guess they just cant wait for themselves and their billion dollar backers to get the big promised tax cuts!

The Muslim Ban was a way to continue his hate and fear cultivation to prep the public for a clamp down of our cherished liberties. Wait! Wait! Wait!.. Oh ya, its coming.  Intention matters concerning immigration and voting rights in this country. He is not honest in his speech or his intentions. The Muslim Ban threatens our liberties and the 3-5 million illegal vote allegations are to limit minorities from voting in the future elections.

Working Class folks are threatened with loss of health insurance and Diamond Tee will legislate the elimination for the right of workers to have collective bargaining. He might be successful in generating more low wage jobs with NO BENEFITS. If Diamond Tee is unchallenged social security, Medicare and Education will also be restricted to give people fewer options. Full access to options that are unaffordable and unattainable are promotions of false hope.

The only hope I am having now is that Diamond Tee shafts the Republicans over the next few months so they grow impatient and become fearful of the vast spectrum of uncertainties. I am counting on the fact that he doesn't really care who he sticks it too and the Republicans will have their day....Believe Me! Now Let's Pray!