Monday, February 27, 2017

Diamond Tee Dump # 3 America First!

I was hoping by now that the campaign rhetoric would have ceased with President Trump and he would have moved on to showing a few olive branches and methodologies to success.

On a positive note I am all for a fairer tax system and improvements in the ACA program that has insured millions that never had coverage. But the Muslim Ban and fear labeling groups of people needs to stop. Trump needs to repeal and replace his hate speeches and executive orders with workable actions that brings humanity together with a true safe plan to move forward. Reasonable actions and caution is all good to protect our nation but it must be based on reality data, not political populist rage and reaction. Creating more polarity and anger will only breed more violence and hatred.

The America First cry is in action what every president and elected official has tried to enact since the first day this country was born. We have all taken the oath of office and pledged our allegiance to this nation. It is not a question of whether the "America First" was your slogan or not that makes you a good Representative or President, it is whether or not your policies have been supportive to the American Dream and produced results for that mission. We will not know if Donald J.Trump will achieve any success at all at this point in time. Some Presidents in the past have made America greater and some have made it less great. But all have tried to put America First, for this there is NO DOUBT about their intention.

Now real success might not be as easy to achieve in 2017 and beyond because we do live in a global economy and very accessible world. The days of the Iron Fist having any success in controlling the world is over. If not already the reality, many nations and groups throughout the globe will have the ability to destroy the planet and could use it if backed into a corner. Therefore a just, fair, and civil approach to relationships and negotiations need to be the boilerplate to all embraces from this nation if we want to achieve peace. Our constitution, bill of rights, and past humanity towards others demonstrates the values we need to succeed with our fellow inhabitants of this world to survive and live a good life. We need to be in this for the long term, not just win a battle or a war for profit.

I have been comforted that while President Trump was tested a few times by both Russia and North Korea and he has not reacted in the same fashion as his asinine tweets that get excreted out like the perfume of a skunk. But on almost every front of our relations with other nations, his words and rhetoric of "America First" and hateful under tones, have put even our best allies in a recoil mode. This behavior by the President and reaction to it throughout the world has been the most dangerous development and is a threat to the security of our nation.

It is time that Donald J. Trump really put "America First" and act like a President should, with compassion, thoughtful dialog and understanding of  people different then himself throughout the world as he tries to make things better for this nation. We understand we need to act from a position of strength but that strength does not come from our military and economic standing alone, the real strength comes from our values for truth, freedom, and the well being of human beings in this world.