Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Warped Political Reality Rules for now

In the old days when some politician would lie, be obscene, wallow in the mud, or just try to impersonate the devil during a campaign, they would show some remorse and climb back into a normal state of reality after the election. NO MORE! Now it is all about doubling down and taking what use to be political rhetoric into a kind of religion that reconstructs our moral and value makeup.

Listening to the drone of absurdities mostly from the Trump and Company but also from the press to a lesser degree, it is hard to stay optimistic on a good result. Science, Truth, Data, Facts and the basic support of America's values are important here but it seems like much of what I was taught in my life is of little value in a Donald J. Trump reality. The things and policies I had thought had real value and importance seem to be irrelevant and meaningless to the majority of Congress and the President.

When I look at the facts of Healthcare and we keep pre-existing conditions and children under their parents to age 26, we need participation from all citizens in the same pool to make it work. Simple math and statistics do not support abandonment from government subsidies and regulation without increased premiums and decreased coverage. The claims are the claims and somebody needs to pay for it. We need to fix Obama care or go to a universal coverage and it is as simple as that folks. Otherwise we are taking more than 2 steps back to higher premiums and less coverage, the government being off the hook for subsides, and of course the wealthy getting a tremendous tax break from the republicans again.

But why should I complain about the results of an election of the greatest nation on the planet right? We elected these guys and now it is time to pay the price. Maybe this Warped Political Reality will pave the way to real change in 2 and 4 years and we will again be leaders of the humans on this earth. But for now we must buckle up, resist, and stay true to the values and moral structure that we know is America. We must not let the Warped Political Reality change our core beliefs in our fellow human beings and should continue to push forward on a positive and constructive approach to our future.