Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Budget and Conservatism

Listening to the unveiling of the White House budget gave me some pretty extended pains and torment, but as the debate and discussion unveils itself I am finding that a slash in the belly might not be all bad.

I have real frustration about the budget premise to build up the military and abandonment of social and environmental programs. That being said the devil is in the details and I do think it is good to look at those details.

Lets not forget that this initiative is coming from the most deceitful and hateful President that ever existed, but his intentions or justifications might be the irrelevant facts in this discussion since it is congress that will craft the final budget. All the same, this focus on the opportunity to redefine government and its efficiencies can't be ignored. The basics of feeding and housing unfortunate people and protecting our clean air and water is a no brainer responsibility of our government. The Congress, the people, will not tolerate an inhumane approach to our citizens in this nation. Turning a blind eye to dirty water and air are irresponsible actions since they are of the highest priority for our survival. Reasonable regulation and economic support for governmental guidance and enforcement must remain in place.

Moving past this twisted Presidents intentions we should dive into costs and process of how we govern and spend money at all levels of government. We might just be surprised by not taking this money for granted, studying best practice ways to provide these services, that there is billions to be saved by waste and programs that just don't make real sense to a thoughtful and caring "center of the road" person.

I look forward to the debate in congress on this budget and hopefully they, along with our States representations, will have a robust discussion on best practice, a reasonable department of defense, and new ways for government to slim down and operate more efficiently. Remember, this is our money they are spending and we do need to hold them accountable.

Being a fiscal conservative myself,  I will always appreciate the questioning and viability of programs as methodology's change over time. We need keep flexibility to adapt to the change of the most cost effective delivery of government services.

Bottom line is while we are faced with incredible incompetence and crude actions within the white house, we still need to govern and should take this opportunity to evaluate our current structure and reduce wasteful spending. While one might want to just say "NO" to this administration on the budget, I would suggest we participate in the process through our Congressman and be sure what is sent to the President is a well represented and vetted document from its citizens. Stay in the Arena, Resist, and Participate.